Retailer & Restaurant FAQs


How does the Happy Lungs Shopping Card work?

Shoppers purchase a digital shopping card for $50, and they show the card at checkout to receive 20% off at retailers or 10% at restaurants. Every card has a name associated with it, and you are free to ask for ID if you want to ensure they are the cardholder.

What are the dates of the shopping period?

Friday, October 28 through Sunday, November 6.

What do the digital shopping cards look like?

Each digital card is an email that says “This is your digital Happy Lungs Shopping Card” next to a picture of a navy blue shopping card with our logo on it. The name of the person who owns the card is under “customer name” in that same email.

Are there physical cards in addition to digital cards?

Yes, some physical shopping cards have been given as gifts. The physical card includes a space for the cardholder to write their name.

Can my customers still purchase a Happy Lungs Shopping Card?

Yes! Shoppers may purchase the card anytime before or during the shopping period. Direct them to use their phones to scan the QR code on the tent card and brochures to buy the card from our website.

Are stores allowed to have exclusions from the discount?

Yes, and they should be listed in the description and exclusion provided when the store submitted the retailer form online. Please check with your manager to be aware of any exclusions before the shopping period begins on October 28.

Can shoppers share the Happy Lungs Shopping Card?

No. The Shopping Card should only be used by the shopper whose name is in the card email (digital card) or on the card itself (physical card) and their family members who are shopping with them.

Can shoppers use their Happy Lungs Shopping Card multiple times during the 10-day shopping period?

Yes! Shoppers may use their card at the same stores and restaurants multiple times during the shopping period.

What does the Happy Lungs Shopping Card benefit?

Proceeds from the Shopping Card support the Happy Lungs Project, an Austin-based nonprofit dedicated to beating lung cancer.

Where do I go if I have more questions?

Please email us at

Thanks for your support!