How to buy Happy Lungs Shopping Cards as gifts


We’re thrilled that you’d like to buy Happy Lungs Shopping Card/s to give as gifts.

One digital Shopping Card is automatically sent out with each purchase.

To buy cards individually

  • On the checkout page, enter the name and email address of the person you’d like to send the Shopping Card to.
  • Enter your credit card information to pay for the card.
  • The digital Shopping Card will be sent directly to the person whose email address you entered.
  • Contact your friend and let them know that the Shopping Card they received was a gift from you.
  • Enjoy your friend’s gratitude for receiving such a fabulous gift!

To buy multiple cards in a single transaction:

  • Purchase the number of cards you’d like to buy.
  • Email us at Please include your name and the names and email addresses of the people you bought cards for.
  • Let your friends know they’ll receive the digital Shopping Card that you bought them via email.
  • We will send a digital Shopping Card to each of the people you requested, and will confirm with you when they’re sent.

Have Questions? 

Please email us at

Thanks for your support!